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Welcome and Hello

Post  Urban Banshee on Tue Feb 07, 2012 8:42 pm

Hello to everyone and Welcome to Spell of Urban Magic, a writing forum that promotes idea bouncing and helping each other out.

After a quick look around you may notice that some of the forums are separated due to genre. This is not to stifle potential questions, or pigeonhole anyone into a specific genre. No Fantasy is better then Sci-Fi arguments please. The reason for the separation is to make receiving help easier. A question may need a different answer for sci-fi then for standard fiction. The point is also to welcome fantasy/sci-fi writers which I don't see a lot of in other forums.

Also the categories aren't laid in stone. Whether something is fantasy or standard fiction is up to the poster, and only blatant disregarding of categories will result in moved threads.

I am the admin here but I'm easy going, and will give out warnings if anything gets out of hand. I'm here mostly to help and to learn like anyone else.

Idea bouncing is encouraged, as long as there is no straight up "give me an idea" posts. In the "Idea Bouncing" forum personal opinions for story ideas are fine and recommended. Specifically of the "if it was me" variety.

I am always open to questions and suggestions.

Note, I do apologize for frequent skin changes if you are an early member. I am trying to find a good look for this forum.
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