How to Idea Bounce

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How to Idea Bounce

Post  Urban Banshee on Wed Feb 08, 2012 4:29 pm

The point of the idea bouncing forum is to sound off on potential ideas, and talk your way through ideas. Sometimes the best way to work through how to approach an idea is to put it out there and then talk with others about it.

This will be a very subjective board, and suggestions that start with "if it was me" are fine. Ideas are allowed to branch off, and may not stay on topic. As long as the threads stick with potential story ideas tangents are fine. Genre also doesn't matter, and may be very flexible in this forum. A story idea may start as standard fiction, but through discussing and other posters ideas may end up becoming fantasy. Talk about pros and cons of taking certain turns in a story and what you think would be an interesting idea.

Ideas cannot be copyrighted. It is not allowed to start several idea threads then go around claiming someone 'stole' your story. It is how it is written that determines how good a story is, and given the same prompt no one is going to come up with the same exact story.

Insulting ideas is also not allowed. Honest critiques are fine, but outright telling someone their idea is 'stupid/dumb/etc.' will not tolerated.

Much more subjective, but please no 'gimmick' type story ideas. I consider a gimmick a story idea that doesn't revolve around plot or characters, but something that is used solely to set the story apart from others.

Example post: "What about a story that is written backwards. All stories are too linear and bound by real life, I want to write something people haven't done before." This is a gimmick because the main motivation is writing a story 'in a way that has never been done before' and says nothing about the type of story, characters, plot or anything at all about the story.

Genuine questions about story structure, can be posted in the general writing forum.
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