Spoilers and Categories

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Spoilers and Categories

Post  Urban Banshee on Wed Feb 08, 2012 6:46 pm

There is no specific coding for hiding spoilers in this forum, so please just be aware if you are about to reveal a big spoiler and tag it best you can. No one wants to accidentally read the plot twist of the newest movie, just because someone who saw a sneak premier wanted to brag. If you wish to have in depth discussions that aren't hindered by worrying about spoilers mark the title of your thread with (Spoilers) to warn others.

A thread titled "Harry Potter (Spoilers)" can openly discuss anything that took place in the books/movies without having to worry about marking potential spoilers. Those who wonder into such threads are as well warned and not allowed to complain about being spoiled.

Categories again are pretty lax. If you wish to start a thread about the differences between the Harry Potter books and the movies if you put it in movies or books is up to you. Personally I'd suggest going with the original medium, but I won't move things willy-nilly when it is easily argued where something could go.

Anything not strictly book, movie or tv show can be posted under the general Fandom forum. If you aren't sure where to put a fandom thread, then it is fine to put it there too.
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