Questions You Might Ask

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Questions You Might Ask

Post  Urban Banshee on Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:13 pm

Questions that might come to mind when you browse this forum.

Q: Why is this place so empty? Why are all the posts by one person?
A: This is a new forum, so sorry about the emptiness. All those posts are done by me and are there either to clarify something or to break the ice. Don't feel the need to be quiet just because this place is new. Help make this place feel comfier.

Q: I have a short story I wrote, can I post it here?
A: At least at the moment the answer is no. Right now the point of this forum is to discuss story ideas and techniques. Maybe later I will open the review forum, but for now I can't say. I would rather this not become a site where people join, post a story get critique and run.

Q: What type of writing is allowed here?
A: Fiction mostly. Fantasy, sci-fi, slice of life or romance it is all fine. Not so much poetry or non-fiction, though I can't say that something useful for those won't crop up in the forums.

Q: Come check out my awesome website link
A: Spam or self promotion like that will not be tolerated. If it is relevant to a conversation, like a link to an article detailing the answer to a research question, it is fine. If you have been here awhile and are asking someone to check out your blog for writing advice (in case the review forum doesn't open) then that is fine if it isn't out of nowhere.

Q: How many threads am I allowed to start a day?
A: There is no limit, and I welcome not feeling afraid of starting new conversations. Though I do ask that you don't start multiple threads and never carry on a conversation.

Q: What makes you such an expert on writing?
A: Short answer, I'm not. Long answer, I'm just an avid and critical reader who enjoys writing. I often find myself pointing out plot holes or flaws in other stories, and I in turn look at my own stories with a critical eye.

Q:Why did you make this forum anyway? Aren't there a ton of writing forums out there already?
A: There are a fair amount of writing forums and I've looked around a bit, and even joined some. The problem I ran into was, a fair amount of the forums were mostly dead, and the ones that aren't had major problems. I kept seeing when a poster would ask for advice for something (legit question too) a lot of the answers were either "sounds dumb don't do it" or "well it's your story you need to figure it out yourself" Question though is, what sort of discussion is okay on these forums if no one wants to have a real conversation? If I can't ask for advice about, if I should kill off a character or not, and have a real discussion about the pros and cons of the choices, then what is there to talk about? Plenty of posters out there are only interested in going "You idea isn't very good, but here look at my stuff." They don't care so much about interacting, but getting the spotlight themselves. When Mods, or Admins promote that sort of stifling atmosphere then the whole forum suffers. I wanted a forum where the point was to get into real discussions about story elements, ideas, and posters weren't trying to up their post count so they could finally just post their own stuff and stop pretending to care.

Q: My question isn't up here
A: Then ask away I'm friendly
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